I leaned my back on a tree
and slowly moved down to sit

We walked side by side on a greenfield
Butterflies and birds swooshing above our heads
You kissed my cheek and told me not to leave
But I am captivated by the beauty of the field
I followed a butterfly and started to walk away
Unconsciously, I summoned a mist
The mist grow thicker as I walked further away
I slowly felt the cold whisper of the wind
And noticed the mist around me
As I faced front again, the butterfly was nowhere
And I realized that I am lost
I looked back to find you but all I see is the dark and cold mist
I found a tree and leaned my back

As I am sitting beside that tree
I closed my eyes and tried to see
that happy field I once walked with you
I wiped my tears away and opened my eyes
There was no mist
There was no field
All I have is the tree on my back
And your picture in my hand