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And then she came,
An angel dressed on human flesh,
And treads the earth like man,

I should know,
Those stares that she gaves me,
Puts me in awe, and gives me chills,

Whenever she’s around,
I can feel those invisible halo,
Which fills my self with gladness,

But It’s forbidden,
That angel has her paradise,
And I also have my own


Crescendo of Gratitude

It comforts your heart

Like an egg on a nest
With the warmth of its mother

It’ll thaw your soul

Like snow on a tree
Slowly melted by the sun

It’ll overflow your emotions with joy

Like a leprechaun’s pot
At the end of the rainbow

It will free you

Like an oppressed country
Constantly fought by their men

But may break you

Like a pirate who trades his life for a journey
Only to find an empty chest

The Bridge

Once there were two cities connected by a small bridge.
The bridge is deteriorating which makes it difficult for one
city to reach the other.
Because the bridge no longer serves its purpose, the bigger
city initiated to burn the bridge.
The bridge collapsed as it was scorched by the fire.
Ashes were carried by the wind and started to circulate the
Years passed as the two cities continued to live their lives
without access with each other.
But the ashes of the bridge still haunts the bigger city by
memories of the smaller city from the past,
And dreams of the cities’ lives for the future.
Does the ashes only haunts the bigger city?