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And then she came,
An angel dressed on human flesh,
And treads the earth like man,

I should know,
Those stares that she gaves me,
Puts me in awe, and gives me chills,

Whenever she’s around,
I can feel those invisible halo,
Which fills my self with gladness,

But It’s forbidden,
That angel has her paradise,
And I also have my own


Crescendo of Gratitude

It comforts your heart

Like an egg on a nest
With the warmth of its mother

It’ll thaw your soul

Like snow on a tree
Slowly melted by the sun

It’ll overflow your emotions with joy

Like a leprechaun’s pot
At the end of the rainbow

It will free you

Like an oppressed country
Constantly fought by their men

But may break you

Like a pirate who trades his life for a journey
Only to find an empty chest